What we do

We pursue clarity & improvement in our spiritual, intellectual, behavioural & material dimensions. We learn to live with ourselves, with humans & nature. We farm, run a school, work on health & medicine and conduct research workshops on education, knowledge & social systems.

The environment in the teerth aims to be scholarly, hard working, friendly, straightforward, just, cooperative and free of pressure. We are engaged in the following activities in line with this:

1. Individual Study & Practice:

This is our personal space where we pursue our spiritual, intellectual, & behavioural enquiries and aim for their improvement.

The theoretical and meditative backdrop of our philosophical learning/understanding helps us in learning to live together. In this, we try to recognize our strengths, weaknesses’s, respect for our spaces, individualities & our common pursuits.

Practice, in short, includes

  • Textual study,
  • Meditative/contemplative practice (of the investigative kind)
  • Behavioral practice
  • Practice of physical labour
  • Organizational Participative practice. (learn cooperative organization & management)

Read more on our method of study & practice

2. Food & Farming

We farm on about 60-70 acres of land. We grow grains, fruits, vegetables and some medicinal plants. We also have a few desi cows for milk requirements.

We aim to be self-sufficient for our food related needs (for about 100 inhabitants).

3. School:

We run an English medium CBSE affiliated school. It started off as a place where the children of the residents of Manav Teerth can study. Our hope is that this school will one day eventually be able to teach & inculcate value education via consciousness development.

You can read more in the school website

Also see our educational philosophy

what we do2

4. Study Workshops:

This is the mainstay of our educational programs. An intense study & practice of the philosophy across one, two and three years, mainly for youth and young adults.


5. Discussion Groups (goshti’s)

We hold regular goshti’s with those that are already studying/practising/teaching the philosophy from across the country. These goshtis aim to deepen our understanding and provide mutual support in this journey towards knowledge, awakening and humanness.

Discussion groups are of two kinds.

  1. Study Discussions: (Adhyayan Goshti ): To complete reading & logical understanding
  2. Meditative Discussions (Avdharna/Manan Goshti): To verify ones understanding & living

See here for workshop stages

6. Literature

Maintenance, publishing, translations and web-work related to madhyasth darshan literature.

7. Research (shodh)

  • Comparative study between Madhyasth Darshan and other Darshan’s (philosophies)
  • Study of Science, Brain, and other areas in the light of the findings in Madhyasth Darshan.
  • Humanization of Education (Shiksha ka Manviyakaran)

8. Village Organization

Consists of small meaningful interventions in the villages around – to do with basic things like cleanliness, addiction removal, planting/protecting trees, promoting natural farming practices, etc.

This is a small step to begin with, eventually leading to village level human organization. Read more here.