Study Workshop

Conducted entirely in Hindi for those between 18 and ~30 years of age, the 1/2/3 year study program is an opportunity for formal, systematic study of oneself &reality in order to practice an aware & complete human life. The program covers the widest, multidimensional canvas possible.

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Study Program Brief

The program is an opportunity to initiate exploration & study of the following:

Mind & Self:

Knowing oneself, our activities, thoughts, desires, images and assumptions we carry, their sources and destination. This includes an in-depth study of the human conscious and the so-called sub-conscious.

We shall study the evident parts of our conscious selves as well as those aspects that lie beyond the realm of logic & thought. We shall study the ‘observer’ in the ‘observation’.

People & Relationships

We explore our relationship with individuals and our feelings and response towards them. We scrutinize what our behavior with others depends on, expectations therein and how conflict or issues in behavior or human interaction can be resolved.

We will study the meaning, purpose and form of the human family.

Work & Seva

There shall be ample opportunity to do physical work: growing, harvesting and storing grains, fruits & vegetables; carpentry, and other small houseold jobs such as plumbing, drilling, electrical repairs etc.

The program also offers the ability to participate in larger organizations such as in family, and the running of an institute.

Society & the World

Study & exploration of social systems, and a study of alternative economics, sociology and human psychology.

We shall also study human culture and civility and the goals of a humane civilization.

Nature & Reality

What comprises reality? How do we know that we ‘know‘? What are the formful dimensions and the formless dimensions of reality? What about time and space?

The intricate interconnections and spontaneous organization and harmony inherent in nature shall form one of the foundations of our study. We shall study this in theory as well as explore it in practice.

Human Knowledge Systems

We shall look at an alternative materialism, spiritualism and humanism and compare it with what has existed in human history to date. We shall make quick work of human understanding of nature/reality and see how far they have been successful and where they are lacking.

Positive Engagement

All the above needs to lead to identification of how we can positively engage with ourselves, humans and nature and play a purposeful & satisfying role across our individual, familial, social and natural lives.

At the end of the program, one should have improved expanse of thought, skills and the internal clarity to live ones life ahead.

– The above is enabled via the theoretical study and practice of Madhyasth Darshan philosophy. 


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