Manav Teerth endeavours to be a place dedicated to the authentic pursuit for the study, practice and dissemination of Human Consciousness – based on the Madhyasth Darshan philosophy of Shri A.Nagraj.

Our basic aim is Coexistence – an Undivided Human Society, Balance in Nature & Universal Order.

Madhyasth Darshan philosophy is a cogent, systematic study of the human being and the universe/reality. It establishes coherence in the spiritual, intellectual, behavioural and material aspects of man. You can read a brief of the philosophy.

Manav Teerth was born of the initial vision of Shri A.Nagraj and is a project of ‘Divya Path Sansthan’ that was established by him in 1979 in Amarkantak (MP) for the furtherance of the knowledge he had realized. Manav Teerth started in April 2017.

Manav Teerth strives to be a place, an environment, where the following is possible:

  • Resolution (samadhan) in every Individual
    • via intellectual and spiritual knowledge, leading to an ‘awakening’ in consciousness
  • Material Prosperity in every Family
    • via physical efforts on nature
  • Trust in Society
    • via living with social laws & justice
  • Coexistence with Nature
    • via living according to natural law

To know more, download our charter/constitution: मानव तीर्थ अवधारणा एवं नीति


Manav Teerth in its present form would not have been possible without the generosity of Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Churu, Rajasthan, or the broad-mindedness of Shri Kanakmal Dugar. We are thankful to them – for their unconditional dedication to the cause of humanness.

We are thankful to Shri A.Nagraj, propounder of Madhyasth Darshan for paving the path towards humanness.

We are thankful to all humans past & present, by whose inspiration the path towards value education for consciousness development – to awakening & humaneness is still alive.

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